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A Candid Conversation with Marie Kowal
One of NASA's Brightest Stars

Marie Kowal is one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of Space Aeronautics. Her impressive career started when she was invited to NASA for an externship summer program when she was only a teenager. Soon after, the talent scouts at NASA noticed how special she was and recruited her to join NASA after she received her Bachelor of Science in the field of Mechanical engineering. Ms. Kowal proved to be everything that NASA had hoped for and more. By the early 1990s she became the most sought after Space thermal control expert in the world and was invited to several countries that participate in developing key components for International Space Station (ISS) to help them with their ISS projects. Ms. Kowal has been received with deep gratitude and admiration in countries like Russia, Japan, Canada, Germany, and others. Currently she is a Branch Chief in the Crew and Thermal Systems Division. She has earned the highest NASA federal employee ranking, GS-15.

Ms. Kowal has found time to become a top notch athlete as well. On her spare time she has perused an impressive Marathon running and Triathlon career as a hobby. Marie has participated in and completed over 40 national marathon competitions including Boston Marathon as well as several triathlon competitions. She also has been teaching group fitness classes at The Fitness Center at South Shore Harbor in League City for the last sixteen years. Ms. Kowal is a credit to our Bay Area Community and we are proud to have such “super woman” as one of our own.

The only small flaw in an otherwise complete package is Ms. Kowal’s teeth. “No matter how much I brush and floss and do my semi annual check up like a clock work, my teeth are always in trouble.” Says Marie. “ I just never had good luck with my teeth.” Ms. Kowal also had a few less than pleasant experiences with the dentists in the past. “About 10 years ago I was referred to Dr. Noie through a good friend. I have had some Bridge work done which was falling apart. My bridges never felt right, so in a way I was glad to do away with them.” Marie adds. “Dr. Noie installed my first dental implants several years ago. It took several months to compete the procedure but it was well worth it. It feels like my natural tooth. It looks and functions better than my natural tooth.”

I get compliments on my teeth all the time. I love to smile.

I couldn’t help but to notice her perfect smile. I complimented her on her gorgeous smile. She replied “My smile is also Dr. Noie’s artwork. I have had several veneers and all porcelain crowns that are absolutely awesome. I get compliments on my teeth all the time. I love to smile. Dr. Noie is extremely professional and has a great sense of humor. But most importantly… he’s the best! He does awesome work! I have no doubt that whatever dental procedure Dr. Noie does is going to be perfect! He has proven that to me over and over again in the work that he has done for me and my smile.” She then adds, “Dr. Noie’s staff is the best! They are caring and professional and friendly all at the same time! I can depend on them to stay on top of my case and handle all the details while Dr. Noie does what he does best.”

Talking with Ms. Kowal I got a sense that she is a perfectionist. She is the type that will not quit or stop until she gets to the very top of the mountain. Interestingly enough, those are the qualities that she describes Dr. Noie with.

I asked Ms. Kowal to describe her personal experience with dental Implants. She replied “My implants feel like my own teeth. I can eat anything with confidence there won’t be an issues with it. Before the implants I had a bridge that was always a tiny bit painful and seemed to be a precarious situation which forced me to chew on the other side.

I was apprehensive about launching into a procedure that takes several months to complete. I’m normally an impatient person that wants immediate results. But this was so worth the wait!” She ended up with “I’m so glad I did it!”

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