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Bay Area couple enjoys enhanced quality of life through Dental Implants

Longtime Bay Area residents Vince and Joyce Eklund of League City are people who approach work and play with equal enthusiasm. The couple raised two sons and a daughter here. Both sons reside in League City, “one on each side of us” says Joyce. Joyce enjoys handwork and along with “a nice group of ladies in the area” she sews, embroiders and quilts. “I do it strictly for pleasure,” Joyce said. “Otherwise you lose the joy.” A self-professed night owl, Joyce often stays up late at night when there are fewer interruptions and more “time to goof off.” The couple enjoys taking cruises together. They discovered cruising in 1981 and have taken at least one trip per year since then. Their most recent cruise took them to the Panama Canal Zone last April, and the next one may find them in Ireland or Australia/New Zealand.


But even while their active social lives and full schedules kept the couple connected to their community and family, Joyce struggled with dental health problems through the 1990s. After Joyce developed gum disease that required two painful surgeries and had her dreading a third, she decided to make the switch to dentures. “I didn’t know then what I know now,” she said. “I’d had root canals and crowns and I still had problems and pain. It hurt to eat or drink anything hot or cold, so getting rid of the teeth seemed to be the best thing.” What Joyce couldn’t know then was that after the loss of 23 teeth, the results—and the dentures—would leave her unhappy and uncomfortable. So in 1999 she decided to schedule an appointment. When they arrived at Unicare, they were impressed with Dr. Fred Noie’s compassion and sensitivity. Since the couple knew little about Dental Implants, he also answered a lot of questions. “I was really hesitant at first, because I had just gotten the ill-fitting dentures,” said Joyce. “And I didn’t want any more pain, but he was able to reassure me.” Following that visit, Joyce received implants for her bottom teeth. A sinus lift and replaced her upper denture with Dental Implants. She says she chose Dental Implants because they look and feel like her own. “You only live once,” she said. Seeing Joyce get the results she’d been searching for encouraged Vince to pay Dr. Noie a visit, too. “I wasn’t sure he would go,” said Joyce. “He’d been complaining about his loose dentures but he’d always hated to go to the dentist.” But Vince decided to have his own dentures replaced with permanent implants, and he is glad he did. As a result of their implant procedures, Vince and Joyce are able to chew and taste food without discomfort. And they are both pain-free.

“I can eat almonds,” Joyce said. “On a cruise I even ate an ear of corn. It’s so much easier to be able to eat whatever you want.”

Their new smiles garner compliments from family and friends—Many of which have also become patients of Dr. Noie. The couple also appreciates the service they received from the UniCare staff. “They always remember your name,” said Vince. “You’d think they were family the way the treat you.” In fact, Dr. Noie has become a friend of the family. Joyce admits she dropped by to deliver homemade candy recently.

“Dr. Noie has made a profound improvement in the quality of life of both my wife and myself by improving how well we are able to eat and smile again,” said Vince. “His work is flawless.”
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